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With Amodo’s Connected Customer Platform, insurers can finally address the needs and lifestyle of the new connected generation properly. Amodo collects data from smartphones and a number of different connected consumer devices in order to build holistic customer profiles, providing better insights into customer risk exposure and customer product needs.

Following the analysis, risk prevention programs, individual pricing as well as personalized and “on the spot” insurance products can be offered to customers, increasing their loyalty and lifetime value. Throughout the entire process, the insurer has the means to proactively engage their customers, and customers enjoy a continous positive experience with the Insurer.

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Amodo Driver Suite

Our Driver Suite – Driver Copilot, enables all stakeholders in the automotive ecosystem to better understand how their products and services are being used, thus enabling better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for businesses and optimized car ownership for drivers.

Insurance companies, corporate or shared fleets, car repair shops, road assistance providers and most importantly – drivers, benefit greatly from the driving behavior and car usage data we provide in real time.

Advanced Driving Behaviour Analytics

Amodo Driving Analytics Solution processes the data coming from the connected vehicle and generates advanced driving behavior and driving pattern reports. Analysis of the driving data is used in conjunction with the available road data (road types, specific driving areas,…), driving conditions data (day/night, rush hour, …) and weather data (percipitation, temperature, humidity, icy roads,…)
The data is collected and analysed with the ultimate goal to gain a full understanding of the drivers capability to adjust his driving based on driving conditions.

Driver Engagement and Coaching

Driver Engagement Solution drives interaction with the driver through a gamified approach. Fully customizable engagement campaigns can be created, stimulating and rewarding desired driving behavior. Campaigns can address all drivers, or only group of drivers who demonstrate a particular driving style.
Drivers are informed about their progress and are able to monitor all parameters of their driving patterns that need to be improved to make them safer and more efficient in traffic.

Amodo Health and Lifestyle Suite

Our Health and Lifestyle Suite enables Insurers to deploy mass market digital health insurance products, due to the soft and non-instrusive data acquisition methods employed.

With our solution, insurers are able to launch proactive, context aware and automatic offerings in the form of “on the spot” insurance products, which are selected based on the customer’s holistic lifestyle profile.

Health and Lifestyle Analytics

A non intrusive, while still pervasive, approach to data acquisition enables us to gain insight into the customers’ daily habits and patterns that are relevant to their general well being, as well as those that point to exposure to unusual risk. Combining data from various sources, such as smartphones and popular smart wearable devices, we create a holistic customer risk profile.

More information is available upon request.

Vitality Hotspots

Both outdoor and indoor locations such as, parks, beaches, sports courts, or healthy food stores can be identified as Vitality Spots and managed by the system. Frequent visitation to any of these locations can be monitored and rewarded by the insurance company.

More information is available upon request.

Spot Insurance

By automatically identifying specific contexts in which the customer currently is, or events he is participating in, which change his usual exposure to risk of accident, notifications and purchase options are presented to the customer. Our Spot Insurance Management System, enables insurers to define rules that describe these specific contexts and events. A good example is a football match that a customer is attending, or his presence at a skiing resort. When these type of events are recognised, the customer is automatically offered, right then and there (via a smartphone app), a specific accident insurance that is valid for that event and for a specific time period only.

More information is available upon request.

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