Build your new connected insurance portfolio based on data

Amodo platform helps insurers to build direct digital channels and create new products based on usage and behaviour data. Data source agnostic platform, combined with cutting-edge analytics and customer engagement automation enables new services and enables competing against traditional carriers.

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Modular platform that adapts to business goals

We believe that technology should adapt to business goals, not vice versa. Amodo platform is built in modules that can be combined and customized to enable various solutions. Main modules are:

– Amodo Data Gateway module

– Amodo Products and Services module

– Amodo Promotion and Distribution module

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Single platform for different solutions

Innovation should not be an all-in bet. Solution should reflect business goals and adapt to local market conditions. Many of our clients have applied various approaches to the same challenge:

– PAYD/PHYD insurance UBI models

– Short-term and on-spot insurance products

– Car focused eco-systems

– others

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Why do companies choose Amodo?

Tailored for global markets

We already work across the globe. Various markets worldwide have different road infrastructure, legal environment and general market conditions. Companies apply different strategies to tackle opportunities. That’s why we believe that no templates exist that can be simply applied from one project to another. A tailored solution is the only one that fits perfectly.

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