Speed to acquisition & value through a segmented approach

Drive unprecedented results by reaching new customers through a data led conversion and communications channel. Segment drivers based on behavior to deliver relevant propositions and enable rapid business growth, with minimum upfront costs.

A fresh & streamlined customer conversion process

Achieving maximum growth potential requires a different approach customer acquisition. Use a white label “Try before you Buy” Smartphone app, to address new market segments. Capture real time data to provide insights on driving behavior.

Efficiently analyze behaviors to build holistic customer profiles and seek conversion through a segmented approach. Automated campaigns and a straightforward purchasing system enables a simple conversion transaction. This method delivers a conversion rate of up to 85% for the active user base.

Traditionally, agents provide limited communication options using analogue methods. These limitations can create inefficiencies points in the consumer journey. An Amodo telematics solution streamlines the purchasing cycle. Meaning new policyholders can be acquired automatically, within minutes.

Behavior Based segmentation and offers

Using real-time vehicle usage, Geo location, risk and demographics data, apply behavior based segmentation profiles, to ensure potential customers receive value based offers.  Efficiently detect various groups to turn reward and product offers into a personalized service.

Identify opportunities and maximize the value of your customer base. Leverage data to examine which, segments will receive benefit from additional Insurance products, using an automated up sell and cross sell program.

Execute retention and loyalty marketing campaigns targeting a selection of high-value customers. Efficiently invest in incentives, to reward the most profitable segment and increase CLV. Reduce churn through  early detection of exit behavior, and deploy proactive customer save programs.

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