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What is it?

Our Advanced Driving Behavior Analytics Solution provides information on how the driving style corresponds to the driving context and driving conditions. With ever changing driving context and driving conditions, the driving style needs to be adapted as well.

Thus, the same driving style is interpreted differently depending on the driving context and driving conditions. Our Behavior Scoring Engine (BSE) takes into account the above logic and provides reliable and consistent information on the driving behavior.

How does it work?

Amodo Driving Analytics Solution processes data coming from the connected vehicle and generates advanced driving behavior and driving pattern reports. Analysis of the driving behavior is used in conjunction with the available road data (road types, specific driving areas, etc.) driving conditions data (day/night, rush hour, etc.) and weather data (precipitation, temperature, humidity, icy roads, etc.).

The data is collected and analyzed with the ultimate goal to gain a full understanding of the driver’s capability to adjust his driving style to current driving conditions. The system provides several near-real time reports to both drivers and fleet owners or managers. Based on analysed data, the system generates advice and tips for improving safety that are displayed in the drivers’ reports.

Three different analysis are performed that provide a comprehensive view on driving behaviour.

Driving Context Analysis

It is important to understand where the driving takes place. We differentiate among location data such as countries, regions, cities and type of roads. This information is extrapolated from the GPS data collected from the connected vehicle and map data coming from the different possible map providers (HERE maps, Google maps, OpenStreet maps, and others). Some of the additional information analyzed and taken into account are road density, number of intersections, black spots and other region specific data.

Driving Conditions Analysis

Another important aspect to understand in which conditions the driving takes place. We differentiate between night and day driving, particular time of day such as rush hour or disco hour, weekday or weekend days and time of the year. In addition to time, weather data is also taken into consideration.

Amodo has developed its own weather conditions engine that collects data from tens of thousands different meteorological stations around the globe and extrapolates and process the weather data relevant for gaining the full understanding of the driving conditions. Weather data analyzed are, but not limited to, precipitation, temperature, humidity, icy roads, etc.

Driving Style Analysis

Finally the driving style related analysis refers to aspects of driving that are influenced at most by the driver. Driving style is determined based on information such as number of excessive braking, acceleration and cornering events with the corresponding intensity.

Driving speed is analyzed in details in order to determine the amount of over speeding. GPS data on speed is combined with a map data layer providing detailed speed limit information as well as additional map data in order to reliably determine the over speeding. Other data considered in the analysis of the Driving Style are idle time, long drive without breaks, etc.

Amodo Advanced Driving Behavior Analytics gives the most comprehensive view on driving behavior currently available on the market. Our Behavior Scoring Engine has been built based on information coming from more than 60.000 connected vehicles and in collaboration with research institutions partnering with Amodo.

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