Amodo telematics platform supports smart tagging with various Bluetooth solutions

Insurers are trying to match users and insured vehicle with smart trip tagging. Amodo has several solutions for it.

With the emergence of smartphone-based telematics, insurers are trying to connect all the recorded trips with the driver that is defined in the policy. With the standard device-based proposition, this wasn’t an option because the device did not identify the driver, it just recorded trips regardless of the driver. Now, there are several solutions that don’t cost a fortune.

Our Platform supports the connection to a tag in four different ways:

In the car Bluetooth system

In this case, Amodo app recognises the connection to the built-in, in-car, Bluetooth system and automatically tags all trips recorded in that particular vehicle. This increases understanding of which particular car is a customer driving. From the cost point of view, this is the lightest approach with no additional investment required in devices.

Bluetooth low energy beacon

In this case, the app recognises a connection to beacon which insurer distribute to their customers (self-powered by a small battery) and tags all trips recorded while in the vicinity of the tag/beacon. This approach requires an investment in beacons and the distribution channel for it.

12V device with an accelerometer

A small device is plugged into the cigarette lighter and acts not only as a tag but also as a high precision accelerometer in order to extremely accurately measure forces acting on a vehicle for a reliable determination of the crash severity. Based on its measurements and the predefined thresholds, the device can trigger an emergency call. At the moment, this solution is based on an industry partnership with Bosch. Learn more about our Partnership with Bosch here.    

OBD with Bluetooth connection

There is also an option with OBD devices using Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones. From the data point of view, this is the richest solution that saves on the connectivity. At the same time, it is the most expensive one.

In all four options, trips recorded while connected to this tag are labeled and differentiated from other trips. Insurers can choose or even combine multiple options to fold the best match that suits their business cases and additionally provide a new value set of services to their customers.

There are many more solutions that insurers can provide to their customers through the Amodo platform based on the connection with Tag. Amodo state-of-the-art telematics platform will provide better insights into customer driving risk and offer personalized insurance products, in a simple and convenient way.

About Amodo

Amodo platform enables insurers to develop a new category of products based on behavior and usage data. The Platform collects data from smartphones and other connected devices in order to build holistic customer profiles, providing better insights into customer risk and customer products needs. Amodo technology and methodology is approved by insurers around the world.

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