Amodo product update – now supporting end-2-end customer journey

Insurers strive to differentiate on the market with a fresh set of products and develop new revenue streams. Amodo can now support such initiatives with an end-to-end solution for customer and data acquisition, product creation and management and finally – promotion and distribution.

Based on the development in the last year, Amodo has deployed additional functionalities to already a powerful platform for insurers. It is now ready to support the whole customer journey to enable any insurer to effectively complete the journey with supported processes.


How driving behavior data can become a powerfull tool for achieving insurance company business goals.

The platform is now based on 3 main pillars:

1) Acquisition and Analysis

Amodo is already recognised as a solution provider with a hardware-agnostic approach. There are programs on the market relying on smartphone sensors, there are others based on OBD2 devices, and the last but not the least, the newest addition is the ability to use data generated by the pre-connected cars. All options are being used to acquire usage-based data and process it to have the user insights. Data acquisition is supported by the awarded customer engagement suite.

2) Product Creation and Management

With the data acquired, Amodo can create an unlimited number of customer segments and understand the individual needs of the connected customers. In order to satisfy the identified needs, the platform supports the creation of the new usage-based policy models – short-term products, on-spot products, cash-back models, as well as niche boxed products. Since the products are highly targeted, its sales potential is much better in comparison to the standard policies.

3) Promotion and Distribution

Amodo platform enables both segment-based and individual communication of the new products with the appropriate onboarded audience. Digital channels that can be used are push-notifications, SMS, emails, news module, and some others. The targeted audience can complete their journey with an integrated sales process including various payment options. All stages are supported with reports providing detailed insights into the program success.

The platform comes with two interfaces – smartphone application for the end-user and the administration platform for an insurer. Amodo is already supporting insurers across the globe in various implementations of this approach.

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