Be the change you wish to see on the road!

Roads in the EU are the safest in the world. According to the European Commission’s research, there are less than 50 fatalities per million inhabitants against 174 globally. Still, traffic causes 25.000 fatalities in the EU alone, and it especially affects young drivers. Despite a good development in recent, years there is still a lot to do.

The biggest progress in road safety in the EU has been in the last two decades where the number of fatal crashes fell by 43% from 2001 to 2010, and by an additional 20% between 2010 and 2017. In this year’s research the European Commission presented the ranking of the best and the worst countries in the European Union: in terms of road safety. The EU’s best road safety performers were Sweden (25), the UK (27), and the Netherlands (31). On the other end, the highest fatality rates were registered in Romania (98), Bulgaria (96), and Croatia (80).

Among other factors, driving behavior is an important part of the driver’s risk exposure. Speeding increases the likelihood of an accident. There is a very strong correlation between speeding behavior and accidents. Speed reduces the ability to respond quickly. Reaction decision process can be divided into a few phases: noticing the situation, processing the information, thinking whether to react or not and making the decision and reacting. At higher speeds, there is less time to go through these phases and consequently to make a decision.

The European Commission has proposed a number of positive measures for reducing road fatalities. One of them is the education of drivers with targeted, personalized, campaigns.  If appropriately designed and executed: they can have a significant impact on driver’s behavior on the road. Amodo’s customer engagement module has a proven track record in impacting a driver’s behavior which in consequently reduces road accidents.

Amodo has conducted a study that founded causations between engaged driving and the reduction of factors contributing to driving fatalities — higher speeds, risky driving maneuvers and lack of road focus. This research is based on Amodo technology deployed in more than 20 mobility programs worldwide. It is based on the data collected from a sample of drivers over a period of 12 months within a selected EU country. The paper is available as a free download with full descriptions and insights here.

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