Amodo provides both, business consulting and technology for insurance companies interested in introducing insurance telematics propositions.

Our consulting engagement comprises the following key phases:

1. Market Analysis and Opportunity Identification

To identify the growth opportunity our consultants conduct a thorough analysis of the market size, adoption rate, addressable potential, trends and limitations of the local insurance market.
The result of this analysis provides the detailed assessment of the current market situation.

3. Business Modelling

As a synthesis of both, market and consumer analyses, our consultants deliver the full cost analysis, growth and revenue forecast, as well as gross margin and net present value estimation. This represents a final step towards determining the right business model for the successful placement of insurance telematics based products on the market.

2. Consumer Analysis and Product Development

The key to a successful go-to-market strategy is the right customer segmentation, as well as the fitting product offering, pricing and promotion. Based on the profound knowledge of the insurance telematics industry and of the CEE market conditions, our consultants apply the advanced research methodology to determine the right telematics-based product offering.

4. Strategic Recommendations

Based on the results of all previous steps of the analysis, we formulate the conclusions and recommendations regarding the choice of the customer segment and best go-to-market strategy for the chosen segment, such as recommendations on the promotion channels, suitable insurance packages and its price.

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