Customer communication & engagement with purpose

Engage with customers through a digital communication channel to increase brand awareness, while reducing marketing costs. Offer discounts, tangible products and reward mechanisms, which deliver satisfaction and customer value throughout the duration of the customer lifecycle.

Own your digital communication & marketing channel

It has become increasingly difficult to gain a share of voice via traditional mass media and online channels to attract new customers.  While communicating to an existing customer base through traditional means can be timely and costly.

Use a data rich telematics platform as new communication tool to lower customer acquisition costs, provide an active user focus and increase retention. Own a customizable media channel to deliver brand awareness, relevant messaging in real time and deliver a more effective ROI.

Telematics technology used the right way will deliver greater efficiency to marketing procedures. Shorten the campaign launch cycle and execute automated campaigns based on defined segments, using a digital content management system.

A new approach to customer engagement & relationship development

Traditionally, customer relationships centered on selling an insurance policy, claim handling and renewals. Amodo enables you to create positive touch points and interactions with customers that go beyond the conventional sense. Enrich the customer relationship to increase retention and loyalty.

Consistent use of a digital telematics platform increases customer engagement and the quality of the driver database. This will the streamline the customer journey  to enable a quick sales process, while also promoting a positive brand perception.

Use a gamified approach to ensure drivers remain engaged and rewarded. Gamification also motivates drivers to track their driving behavior, through incentives to change unsafe styles. Drivers become safer on the road, while reducing risk.


Competitions Management System

Competition Management system drives interaction with the driver through a gamified approach. Fully customizable engagement campaigns can be created, stimulating and rewarding desired driving behavior.

Competitions can address all drivers, or only segments who demonstrate a particular driving style, such as best safety score, adhering to speed limits and efficiency in urban areas.

The CMS provides maximum flexibility to adapt Competitions rules to local market specific conditions.

Virtual Rewards

By adopting the target driving behavior, drivers can earn virtual badges reflecting the particular driving style. Virtual badges can indicate desired or non-desired driving behavior.

Depending on the driving behavior and corresponding virtual badge, drivers can collect reward points exchangeable for real-life rewards and discounts.



With near real-time feedback on road safety and driving economy, drivers get the information they need to optimize their car ownership and become safer and more efficient in traffic.

Speeding events, driving during rush hour, night driving, long trips without a break and erratic driving, all reflect on the driving behavior related to road safety.

From the driving economy aspect, drivers get the information on the idle times , short and inefficient routes taken, strong acceleration and braking indicating non efficient fuel consumption during their trips.

Detailed driving analytics data is available, where driving trends and eventual progress in terms of safe and efficient driving is identified. Individual driving behavior is also compared with the driving behavior of other drivers in order to put coaching feedback into a social context.

Individual and fully automated driving suggestions are provided for every driver, depending on their style. Driving suggestions are distributed in categories and sub-categories and can be fully customized in order to reflect specific purpose of the Driver Coaching Solution.

Social Media Integration

Virtual badges, reward points and other information generated by the DC system can be shared with various online communities, thereby promoting and positioning different aspects of driving a car. This boosts both safe driving, and brand awareness.

Competitions and challenges created in the system create opportunities for a wider community, who are not yet your customers, to see the benefits of accepting your proposition.

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