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Amodo Driver Suite

Our Driver Suite – Driver Copilot, enables all stakeholders in the automotive ecosystem to better understand how their products and services are being used, thus enabling better cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for businesses and optimized car ownership for drivers.

Insurance companies, corporate or shared fleets, car repair shops, road assistance providers and most importantly – drivers, benefit greatly from the driving behavior and car usage data we provide in real time.

Advanced Driving Behaviour Analytics

Amodo Driving Analytics Solution processes the data coming from the connected vehicle and generates advanced driving behavior and driving pattern reports. Analysis of the driving data is used in conjunction with the available road data (road types, specific driving areas,…), driving conditions data (day/night, rush hour, …) and weather data (percipitation, temperature, humidity, icy roads,…)
The data is collected and analysed with the ultimate goal to gain a full understanding of the drivers capability to adjust his driving based on driving conditions.

Driver Engagement and Coaching

Driver Engagement Solution drives interaction with the driver through a gamified approach. Fully customizable engagement campaigns can be created, stimulating and rewarding desired driving behavior. Campaigns can address all drivers, or only group of drivers who demonstrate a particular driving style.
Drivers are informed about their progress and are able to monitor all parameters of their driving patterns that need to be improved to make them safer and more efficient in traffic.

Connected Fleet

Amodo’s Connected Fleet Solution is fully tailored to meet the needs of Small and Medium Enterprise Fleets. Among common features on fleet administration, our solution enables companies to implement efficient Car Pool Sharing with vehicle tracking, vehicle reservation and other features. Customized reports can be generated based on available customer requirements.

Driver Copilot connects cars with their owners and the rest of automotive ecosystem.

Applications of our Connected Cars Solution

Understanding driving behavior patterns and having tools that engage drivers to embrace best practices is key to road safety and efficiency.
Whether you need to deploy the infrastructure on your own, with telematics devices or smartphones, or you already have an existing infrastructure in place, Driver Copilot is here to help you achieve your goals.

With advanced data analytics, real time monitoring and customer engagement features, Driver Copilot enables the automation of business processes and introduction of new services that can be offered to the end client.
Here’s how you can benefit with our solution, especially if you are in one of the following industries.

Insurance industry

Improve customer loyalty and reduce churn, by establishing new communication channels with your customers. Differentiate from your competitors, through truly individualized products based on new insights on customer behavior. Improve your up-sell and cross-sell ratio through better understanding of your customers needs and new communication channels. Improve your risk prediction capability through gaining access to new data categories, leading to lower claims and loss ratio.

Automotive and transport industry

Increasingly, the connected lifestyle becomes an important aspect of consumer demands. Whether you need to enable loyalty programs, enhance customer service or simply establish an engaging communication channel with your clients, Driver Copilot enables you to do it quickly and effectively.
Car rental, public transport, car rental companies, road assistance providers and car distributors,  can now implement innovative products and services of their own.


Small and medium enterprises

Companies with fleets of personal vehicles can now use a new kind of fleet management that not only solves the problem of vehicle tracking, but also automates processes such as car booking, common report generation and others. If you suspect your fleet could be optimized and your drivers more responsible with car booking and cars themselves, you are right, and our system provides the tools for you to make that happen.


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