Whitepaper – tech revolution in the auto insurance industry

The news about digitalization have been around for the last 10 years but the auto and  insurance industry is just catching up with the new wave. Usage-based insurance product are created thanks to the collected behavioral data that is being analyzed and presented to insurance carriers. They have the option to offer and create personalized insurance policies to the end-users who can chose products based on their driving style and the amount on their driven miles/kilometers. 

These new products bring the insurance industry to the same level as personalized shopping for any other personalized product. It also gives insurance carriers improved strategies for a better communication that leads to building stronger and lasting customer relationships.

Of course, going digital isn't as easy as it seams, there are the challenges of educating employees and the end user. All of the challenges our covered in this whitepaper.

This whitepaper also gives an answer to tech leaders in the insurance industry looking for a new strategy in this current digital revolution.

Topics included in this publication:

  1. Usage-based insurance – thinking beyond the black box
  2. Time to get real with relationships
  3. Five challenges and opportunities in going digital
  4. Unlocking the value of data

This Raconteur’s Digital magazine sponsored by Amodo, provides valuable insights on how Insurance players must adapt to meet customer expectations.



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