The importance of Marketing Automation for UBI products

We authored a few articles about customer engagement and how it depends on a relevant value proposition to be successful. Another important thing is to engage your clients the right way, with the right message, and at the right time. Here's where marketing automation comes in as a crucial part of any customer/client journey.

According to Salesforce, marketing automation is a technology that manages marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns across multiple channels like email, web, social, and text automatically. Let us look at how it's done within the Amodo telematics platform.

Marketing Automation in our Platform

Marketing automation is possible by combining engagement mechanics, digital product management, and the automated multi-channel messaging system. Custom messaging triggers and rules can be created and applied to dynamic customer segments, eliminating manual work and optimizing the client's experience.

While customer engagement is used for creating a better relationship with your client, marketing automation is used to further your sales.

The whole marketing automation process consists of 3 stages:
1. Segmentation
2. Content management
3. Content distribution



Your client segmentation should depend on two things: their risk exposure and level of engagement. Both of those categories are divided into high, medium, and low. In the end, you'll have five main client categories.

1. Protect & Acquire

You should cherish the clients in the first segment the most since they have a low-risk exposure and high to medium engagement rate. It would be best if you definitely thought about rewarding them for keeping them interested. If they are happy with your service, they would surely invite friends to the same. One way you can encourage that is with an incentivization strategy.

2. Build Loyalty

The clients in the second segment are of medium risk exposure and high to medium engagement rate. What you can do here is increase their loyalty with relevant offers and a strong communication strategy.

3. Increase usage

Although the third segment clients have low to medium risk exposure, which is excellent, they also have a low engagement rate. A low engagement rate can also mean they aren't recording their trips and don't participate in any challenge or other customer engagement tactic you offer. The best thing to do is to encourage them with a relevant value proposition to participating more.

4. Change behavior

The complete opposite of the third segment clients is those from the fourth, with high to medium engagement rate and high-risk exposure. They are the perfect candidates for a safer driving campaign that encourages them to better their driving style.

5. No action

The clients from the last segment are those with high-risk exposure and low engagement rate, i.e., they are the least desirable clients. You can see for yourself if an engagement campaign might be worth it, we suggest leaving the door open and monitoring their actions.


Content management

After you're finished with client categorization, it's time for some content. Our platform makes content management easy with various content types and personalization features. You can create content for client groups with similar behavioral aspects or create personalized content for individuals. Custom messaging triggers and rules can be created and applied to dynamic customer segments, eliminating manual work and optimizing the client's experience. They can also be notified about relevant offers nearby, based on their location and context.

Content distribution

Your content can be distributed via channels like email, push notification, in-app message, SMS, and more, depending on your goal. These contents can be scheduled and automatically sent based on triggers you set up for your clients.

Our primary focus in marketing automation

We are continuously working on bettering the segmentation process to understand the client's context and needs better. These efforts will result in better marketing automation and customer engagement strategy with precise personalized messaging and improved timing. Marketing automation will make it clear to you which clients you would like to keep, which are ready to be monetized, and if there are any which aren't worth the same amount of your time.

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