Amodo and PI Labs partner to provide clients with state-of-the-art usage-based insurance products based on telematics technology

Amodo and PI Labs (part of the Pixida Group), leading companies providing innovative digital and telematics products, announced their partnership to enable insurance companies with business and digital transformation. 

Amodo technology innovations have global recognition, traction, and acceptance, positioning the company as one of the leading UBI solution providers. More than 40 UBI-related projects implemented during the last 8 years set Amodo as the most active and experienced company in the European UBI space. Recognized by Financial Times, Amodo was chosen as one of the top 5 insurtech companies globally, and Frost and Sullivan reconfirmed Amodo's position by awarding the company's excellence in 2021. 

PI Labs realizes innovation by developing world-class products and solutions in the areas of Digitalization, the Internet of Things, and Telematics. Cross-skilled teams of product managers, engineers, developers, and data scientists empower customers’ vision from prototyping to industrialized solutions. With several hundred thousand devices sold in the UBI market, PI Labs is an established player and trusted partner in the insurance industry. 

“We are excited to partner with PI Labs team as we believe that together we can bring even more value to our insurance partners or large brands wanting to offer innovative insurance services to their customers,” says Darko Tukulj, Chief Growth Officer at Amodo. 

Bernhard Pfleger, Global Head of Business Development at PI Labs, adds: "Amodo and PI Labs complement each other. Our hardware components perfectly integrate in Amodos pay-as-you drive and pay-how-you-drive solutions and together we can bring added value to our customers. We're very excited about this partnership and look forward to future collaborations". 

About PI Labs

PI Labs is shaping the future of groundbreaking technology to meet business needs. PI Labs creates digital value in different types of businesses, relying on easy-to-integrate connectivity solutions. Their exclusive offer is based on cutting-edge technology and empowers their customers to step forward and stay ahead of the competition. PI Labs' portfolio includes comprehensive end2end solutions to realize business success by unfolding the full potential of digitization. As a member of the Pixida Group, PI Labs has continuously proven the potential of digital transformation and is growing by the day.

About Amodo  
Amodo is an insurtech company on a mission to disrupt the insurance industry. By turning users' smartphones into powerful telematics sensors, Amodo Connected Insurance Platform enables insurers to deliver tailor-made products by gathering and contextualizing behavioral data. Over the past eight years, Amodo launched more than 40 different Connected Insurance Products worldwide, with some of the leading companies such as AIG, Porsche Insurance, BNP Paribas Cardif Insurance, UNIQA, and many others. Amodo was named by Financial Times as one of the top 5 Insurtech companies globally, is a winner of a prestigious Digital Insurance Agenda Diamond Award in 2020, and has been named by Frost and Sullivan as the Best Practice Leader in the Usage-Based Insurance market in 2021

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