Amodo partners with Daimler AG on the neutral server initiative

This partnership entails the sharing of specific data from all Mercedez-Benz vehicles produced after January 2016 and which are used within the EU.

Potential uses for this data are in insurance and vehicle security as connected cars send information about things such as mileage driven, fuel status, battery status, door lock status, tire pressure, warning lights, diagnostic trouble codes and even installed safety equipment. The availability of certain data depends on each car manufacturer.

Amodo is a smartphone first connected insurance platform which helps insurance companies get closer to the modern customer through behavioral data insights, elaborate customer engagement tactics and just in time offerings of short term and behavior-based products.

The neutral server initiative, created by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), is a joint effort to implement solutions that make automotive data available to interested third-party service providers in a safe and secure manner, without requiring those third parties to each individually sign a contract with a vehicle manufacturer. 

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