Maritime Financial Group licensed Amodo's platform for UBI initiative

Maritime Financial Group licensed Amodo’s connected mobility platform for a pioneering UBI initiative in the region

CoPiloTT is one of the first UBI programs in the Caribbean region, aiming to reduce the risk of accidents, and rewarding drivers for a positive change.

The Maritime Financial Group aims to make roads of Trinidad & Tobago safer by launching their CoPiloTT mobile application. The CopiloTT application encourages the user to be a better driver through Amodo customer engagement module. Participation in challenges and competitions might influence participants’ road safety in a positive way. Recently, a study conducted on behavior data shown how customer engagement positively influences drivers’ risk exposure. Of course, drivers are incentivized for behavior change through a discount system. Part of the value is the reduced premium, but winners can also enjoy gas vouchers and some other benefits provided by program partners.

The app collects data with a smartphone GPS sensor and measures speed, acceleration, cornering, and braking while the user is driving. Based on these parameters driving behavior is analyzed and evaluated by the Amodo scoring system, using driving context, time of day and other relevant parameters. The driver receives a detailed evaluation of his driving behavior after every journey. Every well-rated ride can lead to lower claims and consequently to a better proposition to drivers.

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