Porsche Holding partners with Amodo to deliver the “Smart Driver” App

Amodo is delighted to have entered a new partnership with Porsche Holding, the largest automotive distributor in Europe, to deliver “Smart Driver” an app that evaluates driving behavior using telematics data. Launched at the Vienna Autoshow, Smart Driver is available to all drivers in Austria via the Apple Store and Google Play.

Porsche Holding in association with its partners will launch a 3-month competition beginning February 1 to discover and reward the safest driver’s in Austria, with the Amodo platform providing a unique communication channel in the after-market segment. Top monthly drivers will receive €500 worth of free fuel and the overall winner, a €1000 fuel prize. The competition also includes mini-challenges, where drivers can receive prizes such as coffee and hotel vouchers.

The Amodo technology will allow drivers to evaluate their driving behavior using real-time data, where factors such as speed, braking, acceleration, weather conditions, time of day and road type will all be scored and considered. After every journey users will be given a detailed evaluation of their driving behavior, making it possible for each individual to improve road safety.

By rewarding safe driving, Amodo offers a fresh approach to marketing solutions through the delivery of customer engagement, value and loyalty propositions.

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