P&V Group launches revolutionary insurance product in Belgium

Last month The P&V Group became one of the pioneers of the European insurance industry that uses telematics technology to create On-Demand Short-Term Insurance policy for Motorcycles.

This new type of insurance proposition for the Belgian market, called CliCover is an on-demand insurance product where the customer decides when to activate this coverage and for how long. This concept will first be applied to motorcycle damage insurance.

The idea came about from a request from people in Belgium who use their motorcycle for leisure purposes and who do not want to pay an annual premium when they only use their motorcycle for a short period of the year. The customer uses a user-friendly application enabled by Amodo’s connected insurance platform, to indicate the days on which customers wish to insure against material damage, either in advance or even the same day before taking to the road. The customer only pays for the days entered in the application.

About P&V group

P&V stands for Prevention & Precaution. The basic idea for the establishment of P&V in 1907 was solidarity with the insured and society. That motivation is still the same today. Offer fair protection to as many people as possible, and on the best terms.

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