Safe miles, save lives: powered by Maritime Financial Group

The Maritime Financial Group strongly nurtures corporate social responsibility by encouraging private initiatives for the public good, focusing on the quality of life.

The Group has shown great compassion and social responsibility as the initiator of numerous actions and initiatives that save lives in the Caribbean region. Their latest initiative “Safe miles, save lives” invites all drivers in Trinidad and Tobago to use their CoPiloTT mobile app to contribute to their charity drive. 

To participate in “Safe miles, save lives” the driver must be a user of Maritime’s CoPiloTT mobile app and record his safe driving. Each trip must be at least 3 kilometers long and the driver must achieve a score of 90 or higher. The driver may record up to 5 safe trips daily to contribute. At the end of every trip, the driver may select the organization of his choice and Maritime will donate $5.00 for each safe trip recorded. 

We invite you to be a part of this generous initiative and help to raise up to $100,000 worth of donations to those in need. To find out more visit Safest miles.

The Maritime Financial Group has made Trinidad and Tobago’s roads safer by launching their CoPiloTT mobile app back in 2018, and it still encourages the user to be a better driver through Amodo’s customer engagement module

Participation in challenges and competitions might influence a participant’s road safety in a positive way. Drivers are incentivized for the behavior change through a discount system. Part of the value is the reduced premium, but winners can also enjoy gas vouchers and some other benefits provided by program partners, or contribute in charity donations powered by Maritime.

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