How customer focused Telematics proved to be a successful formula for Triglav Insurance

In June 2015 Triglav, Slovenia’s largest Insurer launched “Drajv” the regions first Usage Based Insurance (UBI) offering. The program is centered on a free mobile application using Amodo’s advanced telematics technology, which monitors the driving style to allow users to ultimately acquire a discounted insurance premium of up to 25% based on the actual habits of the driver.

Since launch, the Drajv program has gone from strength to strength, winning the 2016 best mobile application award in Slovenia and penetrating 8% of the driving population. The key to success has been on using big data to build holistic customer profiles, to execute segmented campaigns with short lifecycles, that continually engage and re-engage customers. Campaigns objectives focus on rewarding both Triglav and non Triglav customers who display safe driving behaviors, through individual rewards or team competitions. Prizes such as free tollway tokens, a chance to drive a Mustang for a weekend or surprise bonuses such as free coffee available through partnering Petrol Stations are on offer. These types of promotions avoid the fatigue effect of using traditional telematics solutions, where the goal is to stimulate usage through each stage of the customer lifecycle, not on purely collecting data for risk and discount calculation purposes.

The program has also showed how a collaborative approach between Triglav, an established insurance company and Amodo, a startup can create joint value. The use of innovative technology has a positive impact on both firms, the end customer and the insurance industry in CEE While there were challenges along the way, given differing operational structures, varying company sizes and different procedures, both parties understood what they can offer each other and how to combine their resources to deliver the best possible outcomes. The partnership prospered and has grown to what it is today, primarily because both Triglav and Amodo believe in their proactive customer engagement strategy upon which the Drajv program has been built.

The rapid growth of Drajv has delivered an incremental revenue stream to Triglav’s already impressive portfolio suite, ensuring continued development of the program. For more information visit the official Drajv website or

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