A proactive approach to insurance innovation

Create a quick process of implementing innovation in a business model, using real-time data to deliver fresh ideas, new revenue streams and tailored made offerings, based on vehicle usage, driving behavior and consumer needs. Reduce operational costs and quickly develop new products to market though an efficient digital channel.

Customer centric Product Focus

Offer individualized policies which will lower purchase barriers and have the ability to calculate price premiums with greater accuracy. Target the right segment with discounts or rewards. Introduce short term cover, usage based insurance, pay how you drive or kasko per km options.

Stand out from the crowd and launch demand based product propositions with the capacity to up-sell / cross-sell across divisions or related companies. Bundle products into specialized offerings and ensure pricing remains unique.

Shorten the product development cycle to efficiently launch new products and campaigns. Be the first to market with new ideas to adopt an early competitive advantage.  Adapt to change quickly, reacting when necessary and predict conditions to evolve with the market.

A simplified digital distribution channel

Consumers have instant purchasing power in the palm of their hands. Build a database of drivers which can be automatically targeted with tailored offers based detailed on geography, specific segments, usage and behavior. Propositions are delivered directly to a customers smart device.

The Amodo platform enables a simplified sales procedure which reduces manual operations and speeds up turnaround times. Reduce error rates and overhead costs using our technology.

An efficient distribution channel helps to establish customer satisfaction at the point of sale. Increase acquisition opportunities and drive incremental growth using an innovative connection platform.

Deliver a new revenue stream within weeks

The Amodo telematics platform will enable the expansion of reach, to connect with new markets.  This can be achieved, without incurring heavy market entry costs to deliver additional revenue streams.

Implementation of either a stand alone or integrated platform can be delivered within 6 weeks, with minimum fuss and no risk. No hardware investments or costly development is required. This ensures new customers can be reached quickly, yielding a fast uplift in results and a rapid ROI.

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