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Engage with your Clients through
Amodo technology based on
Smartphones and Smart Devices.


Improve customer loyalty and reduce churn, by establishing new communication channels with your customers. Differentiate from your competitors, through truly individualized products based on new insights on customer behavior.

Create new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities through better understanding of your customers needs. Improve your risk prediction capability by gaining access to new data categories, leading to lower claims and loss ratio.


1. Advanced Driving Behaviour Analytics

Amodo Driving Analytics Solution processes the data coming from the connected vehicle and generates advanced driving behavior and driving pattern reports. Analysis of the driving data is used in conjunction with the available road data (road types, specific driving areas,…), driving conditions data (day/night, rush hour, …) and weather data (percipitation, temperature, humidity, icy roads,…)
The data is collected and analysed with the ultimate goal to gain a full understanding of the drivers capability to adjust his driving based on driving conditions.

2. Driver Engagement and Coaching

Driver Engagement Solution drives interaction with the driver through a gamified approach. Fully customizable engagement campaigns can be created, stimulating and rewarding desired driving behavior. Campaigns can address all drivers, or only group of drivers who demonstrate a particular driving style.
Drivers are informed about their progress and are able to monitor all parameters of their driving patterns that need to be improved to make them safer and more efficient in traffic.

3. Behavior Based Customer Segmentation

Assessment on the driver driving context, highways ratio, amount of city driving, rural and other roads ratio…

In which countries is the driver driving, where is the car parked in the evening, are there many international travels, etc.

Assessment of driving aggressiveness, long drives without breaks, etc.

Information on how is the car being used, maintained and serviced as well as other aspects relevant for the extended warranty product.

Detailed assessment of the driving speed matched to the local road speed limits. Over-speeding ratio and intensity analysis.

4. Scoring Framework and Templates

Amodo platform comes with a unique and flexible Scoring Framework pre-filed with tested parameters. It has been built based on approximately 80.000 drivers currently using the Amodo platform and an external source of data coming from more than additional 700.000 vehicles. The system allows for multiple concurrent scoring systems that operate on the same data input.

Evaluation of the active scoring systems is easy through analytics provided in the Amodo platform. Score distributions and most influential parameters are clearly displayed for the existing customer base. This makes fine tuning of the system prior to mass market launch extremely easy and reliable.

5. Content Management System

We enable our customers to fine tune our system and make it their own. Every market has it’s specific conditions and parameters. Our solution makes it easy to adapt to these various conditions and make the end product you will place on the market – relevant and sucessful.

Virtual Bumper Stickers, Competitions, Promotional and Safety messages can be created, organised and controlled with our custom made content management system. Be sure that your clients are well informed, entertained and most importantly educated.

New features in the system, important messages and informations is easily distributed to the drivers through the integrated Notifications module. Whether your clients use the smartphone application or prefer a web based dashboard, they will always be in the loop.

The key success factor for insurance telematics program is not only acquiring the right technology, but also defining a winning go-to-market strategy.

6. Business Consulting

To identify the growth opportunity our consultants conduct a thorough analysis of the market size, adoption rate, addressable potential, trends and limitations of the local insurance market.

One of the keys to a successful go-to-market strategy is the right customer segmentation, as well as the fitting product offering, pricing and promotion. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the insurance telematics industry and will advise you every step of the way to your product launch.

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