October is not only about beer in Munich and gambling in Vegas

There are two upcoming insurtech premium events not to be missed this October – Let’s meet in Vegas and in Munich.

Reserve October 2nd and 3rd for Insurtech Connect, abbreviated ITC, which will be held at the destination that is famous for the great entertainment, shopping, and rich nightlife it offers.


How driving behavior data can become a powerfull tool for achieving insurance company business goals.

If this is not enough for you to make you book your flight to Vegas straight away, you may be interested to learn that this event is the world’s largest meeting place of insurance leaders and innovators, so it will give you the opportunity to mix business with pleasure. That means you will have an alibi for your significant other, as well as for your boss (you won’t be traveling to Vegas for fun, it’s all strictly business).

All joking aside, this event will involve more than 250 speakers sharing the latest insights from the insurtech industry to 6.000 participants. That makes it a great opportunity for networking, discussions, and cooperation.

As you search for flights to Las Vegas, be sure to check out deals for Munich too. October 17th and 18th is exclusively reserved for the Digital Insurance Agenda, better known as DIA.

Even though DIA is more known in Europe than worldwide, over 1.200 participants, representing 50 countries from 6 continents will attend this year. Excellent organization selected participants and exiting content make it a must-visit event for elite members of the insurtech industry. The icing on the cake is the fact that we, as partners can offer you a limited number of discounted tickets. If you are interested, just contact us at contact@amodo.eu.

If you are uncertain about which events from the industry you should attend this Fall, these are the best choice – Amodo is already their proud sponsor. We hope to greet you at our booth and get first-hand insights on how to kick-off a project in mobility.

See you in Las Vegas and Munich this Fall!


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