New partnership with P&V and partners in Belgium

Amodo is technology partner of an ambitious cooperation between the leading national car distributor and the insurance group in Belgium. This ecosystem developed in mobility sector is one of the ways to monetise different value propositions for the benefit of end users. After the cooperation with Porsche Salzburg, this is the second cooperation program between an insurer and car distributor based on Amodo Connected Mobility platform.

The program that runs under weCover brand offers car insurance based on driving behaviour from P&V Group, and additional gifts by improving your driving style for VW Group car owners through a collaborative model with D’Ieteren Group. Mobile app for drivers has multiple faces as a reflection of the chosen car brand, and also segments users based on that choice and other datasets, and engage them to ensure their attention for other propositions.

Using OBD devices and smartphone sensors, the app enables PHYD policy management and distribution from the recorded speed, braking, acceleration, time of day and road type.

“The Amodo team is excited about our new partnership with P&V Group,” said Marijan Mumdziev, CEO of Amodo. “This partnership will enable P&V to deliver new features that will help their customers become more engaged and realize the full spectrum of opportunities that our platform has to offer, but it will also enable Amodo to develop its mobility platform tailored for insurance industry. ”