Behaviour data drives new insurance revenue

We collect and analyze user behavior data, and enable our Clients to develop New Categories of Insurance Products. Through advanced Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, we enable personalized pricing, automated promotion, quotation and sales.

Besides boosting our Clients Revenues, we enable increased profitability for Insurance Carriers through our Risk Prevention technology that rewards proper user behaviour with lower rates and incentives. If you're in the insurance business and use or want to use the digital channel, we should have a chat.

Connected insurance platform

Amodo explained

Primary use

  • Usage Based Insurance

    Behaviour based discounts for Motor and Motorcycle Insurance. Can be applied to Motor Insurance, Travel Insurance, Accident Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Extended Warranty and single risks.

  • Short Term Insurance

    Slice your P&C products so as to address new market segments - better. Used for Motor Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance and Travel Insurance.

  • Traditional Insurance

    All products from your P&C portfolio could be distributed through smartphone channel. Sky is the limit.

Customer Engagement suite

  • Gamify

    Engage your customers using our built-in gamification modules. Distribute virtual and real awards, discounts and vouchers to users that earn them.

  • Communicate

    Communicate directly with your customers through the smartphone channel. Use the behaviour and usage data for targeted and automated marketing (ie. send direct messages to all young people that show some type of risky, careless behaviour)


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Key benefits

  • End to end

    Everything from capturing user behaviour up to policy issuing and claim reporting.
  • Quick time to market

    No need to invest into complex and lengthy integration right away, we can get you up and running in as little as 6 weeks.
  • Proven track record

    We've recorded more than 1.5 billion kilometers of users on the move and work with a number of Fortune 100 companies.

Future proof

  • Mobile app

    You can use our white-labeled application (we’ll customize it for you), or integrate our SDK into your own application.
  • Neutral Server Data

    Future is coming, and we will make you ready for it. We already partner with some of the biggest global Car Manufacturers and can provide you the data directly from the vehicles on our platform.
  • Tracking devices

    We support all major types of recording devices on the market to acquire IoT sensors data: mobile app, wearables, aftermarket telematics devices and factory built-in systems.