Flexible platform that drives insurance innovation

Flexibility is the key to innovation. That’s why we have build a modular platform with all necessary components to support an end-to-end solution. Data source agnostic solution is future proof gateway to insights. Products created on insights are effectively promoted and distributed without complex up-front systems integrations.

Collect data with Amodo IoT Data Gateway module

Amodo Data Gateway comes with following key functionalities:

– Amodo SDK, with capability to collect data from various Smartphone device sensors such as Accelerometer, GPS, Gyroscope, Compass, Barometer, Biometric data and other,

– Platform South-bound API interface collecting data from Amodo White-labelled App, Amodo SDK, IoT devices and 3rdparty Data Platforms,

– Data Pre-Processing including Data Cleansing, Filtering, Aggregation and Categorization with data source specific algorithms,

– Data Contextualization which involves cross comparison of the sensor data with 3rdparty data sources such as road infrastructure, type of settlements, weather, Amodo proprietary map data, insurance claims data and other data layers.

Smartphone sensors - Mobile App or SDK

Device can connect with the object, but Smartphone connects with the subject – user or customer. On top of the driving behavior insights based on GPS and accelerometer, we understand standard user’s routine and whereabouts – home location, work location, points of interests and more. This can improve understanding of the user’s needs, improve relevancy and user experience, and build loyalty.

Aftermarket car sensors - OBDs, boxes, connected car

Regardless different data-collecting hardware or a specific supplier used, Amodo connects with aftermarket telematics devices for a very reliable data source. This includes standard data layers such as GPS points, accelerometer or gyro readings, but also telemetry readouts such as odometer measurements and fluid levels, and vehicle DTC – Diagnostic and Trouble Codes. Specific devices used? No problem, we can integrate and work with it.

3rd party data sources or platforms

Not all data has to be collected from the scratch. People already use plethora of 3rd party platforms to monitor their activities. Amodo integrates with available sources for a granular insight into user’s behavior, creating a rounded picture of an individual person.

Differentiate with new insurance Products and Services module

Insights create building blocks for product personalisation with the UBI models available on the platform (PHYD, PAYD, ABP). It also enables creation of completely new products and services – on-spot and short-term products for niche markets. That’s how insurers might differentiate on the market, test new coverages for specific perils and build their long tail strategy.

Amodo Product Management module for creating and managing Usage and Behaviour based Insurance Products comes with following key functionalities:

– Data Analytics including, Risk and Product need based customer segmentation, with detailed insights into Customer behaviour and usage patterns, helping Insurance companies to build their products and mobile based promotion strategies,

– Dynamic customer segmentation based on custom Demographic, Behaviour and Usage patterns, providing Real-time insights on Product Needs and associated Customer risks,

– Risk Scoring, based on Customer Behaviour and Usage patterns, with pre-integrated set of values and templates for custom Risk Scoring,

– Discount Management for approaching the market and managing the risk exposure for the new pricing models in a better way,

– Policy Management for managing different policy stages, from creation to retirement stage.

Behavioral analytics

Behavioural analysis that strives to build a holistic picture of an individual customer cannot be limited to geolocations and forces measured by accelerometer. It must include regions, timestamps, speed limits, road types, parking zones, risk zones, school areas and much more. Amodo platform does it.

We are known in the industry for analysing the most granular set of information used to understand customer behaviour analytics.


Relevancy of messages increases dramatically with personalization. Based on data acquired, creation of different customer segments is easy with Amodo platform. The fundament can be any dataset available: customer behaviour, app usage, demographics, location or combination of all of those. Segmentation creates flexibility for precise targeting and highly relevant offers.


There is no such thing as a universal scoring model. People behave very differently in downtown Sao Paolo when compared to a Norway or a on a local road in the Austrian Alps. Amodo platform comes with a default actuarial model that can be tailored by local actuaries in the company to reflect local market conditions. Amodo Risk Scoring model has been used in more than 20 different projects in Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, Norway, Brazil, Austria, The Philippines, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Trinidad and Tobago, Croatia, US, Namibia, and other countries.

Monetize with Amodo Promotion and Distribution module

Insights create tremendous opportunities for data monetisation. It enables platform owners to understand the product or service an individual user might be interested to use. Underlying data is used to individualise pricing and coverage.

Key functionalities supported:

– Mobile Content Management for creating and managing content published through Mobile Channel,

– Mobile Messaging and Communication for scheduling promotional and informational campaigns on a customer segment level (unicast, multicast and broadcast messaging supported over email, SMS, Push Notification, WhatsApp and In App channel),

– Customer Referral Management, for boosting the customer acquisition in the program early stage,

– Rewards and Vouchers Management, for boosting the customer loyalty in the program later stage,

– Gamification Suite for improving the regular Mobile Channel usage and improving the data acquisition capability,

– Different set of pre-built utilities on Amodo white-labelled App (e.g. Road Assistance, Agent CRM, Navigation to preferred Garage Networks, etc.).

Engagement module

Various engagement mechanisms and tactics are used to ensure value for the end user and their engagement. Some of the commonly used by our customers are achievements, competitions, reward contests, story-based challenges and scratchers. Amodo Engagement platform has been named “Best in Class” by the leading authority in insurance AmTrust, in its Best Review magazine.

Rewards module

Products are useless unless offered to the targeted audience. Amodo enables smart dynamic behavioral segmentation that enables precise

User experience can be gamified by bringing real-world value to clients. It can come from the platform owner or any mobility partner that might decide to join the program and share the reach to the highly targeted audience. Vouchers for value distribution can be created and published on the platform, codes can be imported to the platform or the platform can be directly integrated with various CRM systems. Amodo platform manages the rewards mechanisms and distribution.

Messaging module

Personalized communication is the key to engage customers. Amodo Messaging can use any dataset and its intersection to trigger the appropriate message in the appropriate time via the appropriate channel. We have developed a number of ways to address customers: in-app messaging, push notifications, SMS or emails. Therefore, a complete communication plan can be designed, deployed, scheduled and executed on customer segment level. Above all, this enables the program owner to make communication and voucher distribution system module.