Offer products that will perform

Create innovative and relevant usage based insurance and mobility products optimised for the mobile channel and based on comprehensive customer profiles and behavioral segments. Leverage the power of customer segmentation and personalized content. Building a holistic picture of an individual customer should include more than just demographic data. It must include geolocation, region presence, mobility patterns, parking habits, risky lifestyle aspects, etc.We provide the most granular behavioral insights used to understand your customers. You’ll know whom and when to target, with which content, product and pricing. It is the most powerful behavioral, data driven, marketing tool you will find.

Behaviour Analytics

We use Smartphone sensors and IoT data, as well as any of the available Google, HERE, OSM or local map providers data, weather data, publicly available risky regions data, and 3rd party POI data, Amodo proprietary risk and opportunities data layer as well as custom data layers to build comprehensive understanding of the customer profile. Understand your customers’ risk exposure as well as their potential product needs and create a perfect proposition.

User Segmentation

Creating a single proposition that will fit everyone is impossible. This is why all the content, messaging campaigns, products and services are based on, and visible to, various user segments. This increases the relevancy and consequently value of the proposition. Every variable tracked through our Acquire module can be used to segment users. Demographics, lifestyle, driving behavior, risk exposure, potential lifetime value, product affinity, engagement level, daily activity levels, and more all play a role in segmentation. Here is a simple example:

Daily commuter

Daily commuter

Commutes over 50km daily to work, in a new car. Drives kids to daily activities. Travels less than 3 times per year. Does not use public transportation.

Inexperienced driver

Inexperienced driver

Drives a family car less than 5 times per week. Uses taxi or Uber more than twice per week. Has a low driving behavior score.

  • Once we analyse customer behavior and run them through our scoring engine, we start with dynamic segmentation process that continually runs and reiterates based on our artificial intelligence algorithms,
  • We provide you with the most relevant customer segments based on our global experience and add custom segments based on your specific market conditions and product portfolio,
  • If you build your strategy on personalization, you will need Amodo Customer Segmentation technology


  • We have built a flexible scoring model that adapts to any market environment. It is already used in 20+ different markets and drives policy pricing daily.
  • Amodo Risk Scoring model has been used in more than 20 different projects in Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Poland, Norway, Brazil, Austria, The Philippines, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Trinidad and Tobago, Croatia, US, Namibia, and other countries.
  • People behave very differently in downtown Sao Paolo, Norway or in the Austrian Alps. Amodo platform comes with a default actuarial model that can be tailored by local actuaries to consider custom market conditions.
  • Would you like to use your own or 3rd party scoring model, no problem. We export our data in the standard globally accepted format accepted by Willis Towers Watson and others. Data we collect is glassbox for our Clients.

A building block approach to creating
an insurance product

Implementation of Usage Based
Insurance products

Common implementations of our platform, include Pay As You Drive, Pay How You Drive and On Demand Insurance products which go beyond motor insurance. The data we acquire from the users describes their risk exposure, engegement level, conversion potential and their potential future value. All of these parameters can be used to create personalised pricing and special discounting frameworks.

Pay How You Drive: Try Before You Buy


Pay How You Drive - Try Before You Buy

Pay How You Drive: Discount at Renewal


Pay How You Drive – Discount at Renewal

Pay Per Mile_ Prepaid + TopUp


Pay Per Mile: Prepaid + TopUp

Pay Per Mile_ Yearly distance covered


Pay Per Mile: Yearly distance covered

Custom discount models

Use the user risk score as a proxy to calculate a discount or connect very specific behavior such as speeding over the limit on certain types of roads, exposure to heavy traffic, the amount of time spent driving, walking or running as a discount factor.

Choose from one of our out-of-the box engagement boosting dicount models or create your own with the help of our experts. Certain models are tailored to catalyse customer acquisition, while others are more suitable to support loyalty and retention.

Make sure the value you provide is rewarded with safe behaviour, increased engagement, and high conversion rates.

Deploy new products quickly and efficiently

  • Modern Insurance products are personalised, flexible, convenient for the end user, and easaily managable by the insurer. To test new propositions and validate assumptions, use our Create module and gain insights quickly.

    There is need for time consuming integrations when testing new products. Set up everything within out platform and monitor the performance of each individual product as well as the customers affinity towards them.