Only once you understand your customers, you are ready to engage them. On top of great insights that drive proper decisions, you will have the ability to act right from within the Amodo platform. Interact with the users through multiple channels from one place. Launch personalized and scheduled gamification and communication campaigns. Change customer behavior by rewarding and incentivizing the desired one, and prevent risks. Boost customer loyalty, manage claims and policies. It is all automated and at your disposal.

A plethora of engagement mechanics to chose from

Tailored to fit various stages of your program, Amodo’s award-winning engagement mechanics are at your disposal to boost user growth, help cement or even change certain behaviors and habits and increase affinity towards your brand. With this comprehensive engagement tool-set you can quickly become a trusted and proactive advisor, who is in an ideal position to educate and inform the users about your personalised products and their value.

Create an engaged and loyal userbase

  • Create personalized content for your customers
  • Distribute the content per customer segment level to ensure personalization, and best individual experience
  • Communicate with your customers through one or multiple preferred channel (e.g. SMS, email, WhatsApp, Push Notification, In-App messaging, etc.)
  • Entertain your customer through powerful and various gamification mechanisms Amodo platform offers. Create different gamification campaigns for different customer segments.
  • Preconfigure, Schedule and Automate content, gamification campaigns, promotional messages and general communication for your customers, so that you need minimum efforts to manage the program internally.
  • Use Rewards and Vouchers Management for boosting customer acquisition
  • Run Advanced Customer Referral programs through Amodo Referral module for improved monetization in later stages.
  • Provide and organise relevant tools and features which are of value to your users

Activity stickers

Activity stickers are awarded to users who complete certain tasks, who actively use the app, whose driving increases road safety, or who exibit healthy habits.

Stickers can carry activity points, trigger automatic messages and unlock reward vouchers. They can be exposed to everyone in your program or restrictied to a dynamic user segment.

Amodo platform is preloaded with over a hundred preset activity stickers. Ranging from those oriented at new drivers ro experienced car owners and from or couch potatoes to fitness enthusiasts, the sticker catalog can be expanded by you, using our easy to use Engage module.

Reward Contests

Customers use unlocked activity stickers to participate in reward contests and win prizes.

Reward contest, just like Activity Stickers, can be set to be visible to everyone or just to specific user segments. This way you are able to create a truly relevant and engaging experience for your users.

This mechanic is part of the Amodo Starter Pack, as it works with small numbers of users as well as later in the game, when you have thousands of active users.

Mutiple ways to engage various user segments

Story based challenges are perfect to tie in local insights and generate an emotional response. Scratchers combine the well known offline loyalty mechanic with surprise rewards, keeping the experience fresh. Groups enable users to reach common goals quicker and get more value out of the program, while effectively creating barriers for exit. Activity stream makes sure that even if a user is not currently active himself, there is always new user generated content ready for him.

Engagement manager

Create, control and boost all you engagement campaigns in one place. Track progress of particular user segments or individual users. Coordinate insights with your marketing team and organise or automate multichannel communication campaigns.

Compare key metrics during the campaign to “cold” periods of the program, and measure the effect on user acquisition, acitvity and retention.

Why Customer Engagement?

  • The ultimate goal of customer engagement strategy and tactics is to fascilitate conversion of onboarded people to active users, active ones to regulars, and all of them to customers :)
    With the advent of new, short-term, and on-demand insurance products, you need to stay close, so that when the need for insurance arises, you are right there on top of their minds and at their fingertips.

    Boosting the number of interactions between customers and insurers from once or twice per year, to several interactions weekly, increases the cross-sell and upsell opportunities, as well as provides valuable insight in customers’ risk exposure and potential product need.