Triglav’s Drajv is the top mobile insurance proposition in Europe 2018

Ptolemus has announced Triglav’s Drajv, developed by Amodo as the best mobile insurance proposition in Europe. This is a recognition of the unprecedented UBI program success reaching every tenth driver in the country.

In Mobile Insurance Global study 2018, Ptolemus made an analysis of the insurance app strategies available on the market today, as well as a global UBI market projection. According to the study, UBI  market has been growing 34 percent annually in the last 3 years. Around 50 million drivers are using mobile insurance programs worldwide. Amodo projects with Triglav in Europe and AIG in Asia are among top insurance apps.


How driving behavior data can become a powerfull tool for achieving insurance company business goals.

Drajv drives growth on the regional markets for Triglav Insurance Group

Drajv app by Triglav, Slovenia was launched 3 years ago for its existing and potential customers. The goal of this program is helping all drivers, particularly young ones, to improve their driving skills and to save on their annual premiums. Triglav offers UBI proposition with TBYB model, providing a gamified experience to collect program benefits. Users need to maintain a score above 90 to collect maximum policy discount. On top of it, Triglav Drajv users are highly engaged using various customer engagement options. Models include creative badges, entertaining challenges, reward contests and friendly competitions between peer groups. Rewarding mechanisms are targeting different audiences: both young drivers and more experienced ones. Access to various perks are included in return: driving a supercar in the safe environment, access to the exclusive sports events or paid highway vignettes.

Drajv app is recognised by its users as entertaining and engaging. For this reason, the app is rated with high scores 4 or 5 starts from more than 55% of total reviews on Play store.  This is rare among UBI apps and shows the way to other insurers. The program is set for further development in 2019., expanding its functionalities with some exciting additions yet to be announced.

About Triglav

Triglav is the leading Slovenian insurance company. The main strategic activities of the Group are insurance and asset management. At the end of the strategic period, they will be the leading provider of innovative and comprehensive insurance products and asset management in existing markets in the region of South Eastern Europe.

About Amodo

Amodo enables insurers to develop a new category of products based on data. The platform collects data from smartphones and other connected devices in order to build holistic customer profiles. In this way, insurers get better insights into customer risk and customer needs. Amodo team puts a great effort to build efficient and automated customer engagement technology. Customer engagement is the critical success factor in affecting customer behavior.

About Ptolemus

Ptolemus Consulting Group is a fast-growing strategy consulting and research firm focused on the connected mobility world. In its 10th year of continuous growth, Ptolemus keeps developing its international team of strategy consultants and senior experts. They are specialized in the fields of ADAS, automation, telematics, insurance, automotive, fleet management, mobile telecoms, and electronic tolling.

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