Driver Copilot™ enables placement of new and innovative Motor Insurance products on Target Markets.

Driver Copilot™ offers the following features to Insurance companies:


Through “Try before you Buy” Smartphone application, motor insurance policy holders (drivers) get insights on the safety of their driving.

They are informed on the particular elements of their driving that makes them more or less safe drivers, and are informed on the discount they could achieve if they request an insurance premium.

Customer conversion is sought after through an advanced retention mechanisms implemented in Driver Copilot.


With the new set of data that becomes available to the Insurance company, different models of dynamic pricing can be applied to motor insurance products.

Some of the most common ones are PAYD (Pay as you Drive) where the motor insurance policy holders are charged based on the mileage driven, and PHYD (Pay how you drive) where the motor insurance policy holders are charged based on qualitative assessment of their driving skills – thus respective risk group.

Driver Copilot supports best practice dynamic pricing model PHHYD (Pay How and How much you drive) which combines all available information in order to make precise pricing for the client.


With the dynamic information we provide through our system on how, where and when an insured car has been driven, we provide rich set of additional data for enhanced driver risk assessments.

Since claims are by far the biggest cost item in the motor insurance business, our solution puts a special focus in efficient segmentation of profitable motor insurance policy holders from unprofitable motor insurance policy holders.

Through the advanced segmentation of customers based on the next generation risk assessment, insurance company can significantly improve their loss ratio.

Driver Copilot™ Suite provides 3 different views into the drivers statistics.


Smartphone application available for iOS and Android platforms

The smartphone application has two modes of operation. During the “trial period”, it is used as a recording device that gathers all the necessary data required to model an display default driving profile of the user.

At a later stage, when an onboard device is installed in the car, the app switches to “display mode” and presents the data from the onboard device.

The app is also a communication channel for the drivers, as they can use it to report road conditions and accidents to other drivers in the system.

The app is invaluable during both acquisition and retention periods as it\\\\\\\’s useful features keep the drivers engaged.


Web based platforms for motor insurance policy holders

A web based platform for motor insurance policy holders that provides a more detailed overview and analytics of the recorded data than the mobile app. It provides several reports such as: Cost Report, Safety Report and Environmental Report.

Apart from just generating reports to the driver, Driver Dashboard enables the driver to track his progress and compare his driving behavior to other drivers that use the platform.

Driver Dashboard enables the Insurance company to communicate with the driver (the Motor Insurance Policy holder) and inform him about important information on new driving regulations, new insurance offering, etc. This has significant positive impact on the Customer Relationship and Churn prevention.


Web based platforms for insurance analytics and reporting

Insurance companies can now us the powerful features of our system to analyze driver behaviour.

Tracking parameters such as kilometers driven, long trips, night driving, rush hour driving, excessive braking, acceleration and cornering, types of roads used and overspeeding is just a subset of features that the Insurance Dashboard provides.

Insurance dashboard is also a communication hub that connects the drivers to the insurance company.

Get notifications of possible accidents, receive comprehensive claim reports and communicate with the drivers directly, with our one of the kind Insurance Dashboard.

We strive to keep technology invisible and out of the way. With on board devices and smartphones our solution is optimized for fast and flexible system integration.

On board devices

We support different types of in-car devices, and we are already pre-integrated with some of the most common tracking device vendors in the CEE market. We see our speed and flexibility, when it comes to system integration, as one of the big advantages over our competition. Typical integration lifecycle for the new device vendors takes from 3 – 6 weeks, which is achievable only through advanced operational processes we have in our system integration business.


Our simple to use SmartPhone app utilizes the iOS and Android system features to the maximum in order to collect as much information as possible on the driver behavior and insured motor vehicle usage.


The smartphone application also presents the collected data to the driver as well as the aggregated analytics from the platform.


Rich set of data is collected from several different sources:

Insured motor vehicle
Smartphone used by the driver
Road Network Information system
Weather Information system

Data is aggregated, filtered, correlated and prepared for Driver Copilot analytics engine. Analysed data and results are reported through Driver Copilot  analytics platform in a usable and understandable manner for the Insurance company.

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