How digitalisation is shaping insurance – New Year’s workshop with Matteo Carbone

Every beginning of the year is an opportunity for a fresh start. How to start better than with the best insights into the future of the insurance industry, with a relevant counterpart.

On the traditional Amodo New Year’s workshop, we had the honor to host Matteo Carbone – the insurance thought leader and founder and director of Connected Insurance Observatory. On this executive strategy workshop, we have exchanged thoughts on the present challenges and the upcoming trends in the insurance industry. 

Both parties had a chance to share insights and to confirm the value Amodo is providing to its partners globally. This workshop was a great starting point to understand how Amodo can bring even more to its customers in 2019. We have also concluded that our development roadmap is fully aligned with the future of the industry.

We are looking forward to new opportunities and challenges in the year ahead of us. Happy New year!

About Connected Insurance Observatory

The Connected Insurance Observatory is think tank specialized on telematics and insurance IoT. It is engaging insurers, distributors, institutions and tech players with the goal to spread a culture of innovation throughout the insurance sector.

About Amodo

Amodo enables insurers to develop a new category of products based on data. The platform collects data from smartphones and other connected devices in order to build holistic customer profiles, providing better insights into customer risk and customer products needs. Amodo team puts a great effort to build efficient and automated customer engagement technology, which is the critical success factor in affecting customer behavior. Amodo technology and methodology is approved by insurers around the world.

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